What day care service is right for your child?

There are a number of day care providers in Northcliff to choose from and finding the right one can sometimes feel overwhelming.

A little girl playing at Cottontails Day Care in NorthcliffAs a parent, you want to ensure that your child will receive the very best care, that your little one will be safe, and most of all, that he or she will be happy to go to preschool every day.

We at Cottontails child Nursery want to help you in making the right choice for your child—even if you end up choosing one of the other Northcliff day care services.

To make it easy for you to compare our service, we’ve gathered all the information you need to know about Cottontails and put it into one single document, our brochure.

Download Our Brochure To assist you even further, here are a list of tips that can help you decide which of the nursery schools in Northcliff will be best for your child.

Visit nursery schools you are interested in.

Smiling children in a classroom at Cottontails Day Care in NorthcliffAn in-person visit will give you real insight into the preschool, the teachers, and the facilities. You will be able to see how happy the children are and how the staff members interact with them. Here at Cottontails Nursery School, every day is open day. We do not put on special ‘open days’ meaning you are free to drop in anytime you want. If you do visit Cottontails, you may have a small wait before you would be able to speak with one of our teachers as they may well be teaching a class. While waiting, we encourage you to take this opportunity to see how we do things every day, any day. If you would like to get in touch to arrange a guided tour then simply give Terry a call on 011 678 5569 or email cottontails@mweb.co.za and you will be warmly welcomed.


Ask how many meals the nursery school supplies in a day.

Due to rising living costs, many nursery schools do not provide all the meals your child will need in a day, leaving you to supply a packed lunch and snack. Girls eating a home cooked meal at Cottontails Pre school in NorthcliffAt Cottontails, you don’t have to worry about this as we supply all your child’s meals every day. We have a snack or meal time every two hours to ensure that your child is never hungry. All our meals are freshly prepared on our premises by our dedicated kitchen staff using local ingredients sourced from Northcliff and surrounds. Our healthy options focus means your child gets tasty food that is good for them. Cottontails proudly boast that we cater for children with special dietary requirements and provide vegetarian meals on request. View our full menu here.

Check if the staff and teachers stay on for the whole day.

Owner and principal of Cottontails Nusersy School in NorthcliffVery often, teachers and staff working at day care centers work on a rotational or shift basis. This means that staff members won’t be at the preschool for the whole day. This is important for you to know because this has an impact on your child, especially if you are needing full day care. The staff with whom you dropped your child off in the morning might be different from the team that would be there when you collect your child later in the day. If you wanted to get an overview of your child’s entire day at nursery when you collect him or her, you may not get the full picture. Here at Cottontails, all our staff and teachers are at the nursery school for the whole day, providing security for your child with no disruptions and handovers halfway through the day. You can get a full day report from your child’s teacher anytime you ask. Having a full-time teacher means your child has continuity in his or her care and we find the children form strong bonds with the staff as they are always around.


Learn the fee structure of the nursery school.

Some of the nursery schools in Northcliff require you to pay an upfront registration or booking fee, as well as payment for a full month in advance when your child starts. This can cause financial strain or mean having to dive into your savings. Cottontails Nursery School feesAt Cottontails Nursery School, we feel that the happiness and well-being of your child should not be sacrificed because of money. This is why we offer a no registration, no booking fee payment structure. This means you pay only at the end of the month for your child’s day care at Cottontails. Furthermore, we offer family discounts to those who have more than one child in our day care. Feel free to have a look at our fee structure in more detail.

You decide

I trust that this information will be useful in your decision-making. I hope that you will consider Cottontails Nursery School for your child’s day care needs. Feel free to download our brochure